♥A.b.o.u.t M.e♥

Hello, I’m Jess

I am 14 and live in Australia, Tasmania.

I Like school, as weird as that may sound. Right now my favourite subjects are English and science..

I believe im carma, So what you dish out you get back. and i believe that life leads you up the garden path sometimes. But its always worth it. Swimming and reading are my main hobbies. I feel like a fish when i’m the water. swimming under my own ocean. I think swimming and water is one of the most relaxing things.

I have 3 family members My Dad, My mum and my sister then theres my cousins who i’m really close to.

My favourite animal is a frog, but i like dragonflies too.. I can’t write happy stories. I have no idea why but my stories are always sad.

This year has been good, although i hate my locker :).

So that me! Have a good day and live life the way you want to!


36 thoughts on “♥A.b.o.u.t M.e♥

  1. Hi Jess,

    My name is Brittany and I have a friend named Jessica too.I am only 10 and I live in Canada.I love gym,drama,swimming.I was wondering if you had any brothers or sisters.I have 2brothers named Dylan and Holden and a sister named Meianie.Please let me know at http://WWW.5nt.ca
    P.S.if you want to talk to me my number is on the side,I am #30.Talk to you soon,Brittany.

  2. Hi Jessica!
    My name is Dominique and I am 12. I am from the US. I love history, math, languages, and drama too! What languages do you take? That’s cool that you want to go to Paris, I have been there and I loved it.
    Cool blog!
    Check out my blog: http://dominiquelovestoread.edublogs.org
    p.s. I love water and animals too!

  3. I don’t think that you are weird for liking school. I am right there with you girl! I also love to swim considering we have a pool in our backyard.
    Also how do you get a pet on your blog? I would love to have one but I don’t know how to get one!

    Thanks! -Elizabeth

  4. You’ve a very6 meaningful and profound ending. The words fit together like a large landscape jigsaw puzzle.

  5. Thanks for the comment! We have had our ups and downs but that never stopped us! We have always stayed strong like a unbreakable chain!

  6. G’day Jess,

    Thanks for entering the student blogging challenge. Visit the pages above my avatar each week to find out the participants, challenges and posts.

    Miss W.

  7. Welcome, Jess, to the student blogging challenge.

    To make it easier for me when visiting your blog, can you make sure you have the widget for recent comments in your sidebar?

    To make it easier for YOU to find out the weekly challenges, perhaps having my class blog URL in your blogroll would be helpful.

    I hope you enjoy the challenges and feel free to leave any questions on the page http://wyatt67.edublogs.org/student-blogging-challenge/ where I will leave an answer within a couple of days.

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  12. Hey my names brad like your blog. Have to admit swimming is not my favourite thing to do. I prefer to run personally but your blog is really cool and i agree with you on the idea of what you give out, you get back. if you wanna check mine out u can but its not really that great.
    if your bored

  13. Hi Jessica.
    Thanks for comenting on my blog! I love Swimming, Sinence, and absoluty love reading
    too. I love pandas and sea animals too my faivorite is the sea turtle. I lived on the beach
    one year so we got to go swimming almost every day. It was lots of fun.


  14. You live in Tasmania!? Thats so cool I really want to go. Whats it like there? When is it hot and when
    is it cold? Is there a beach near you? Whats you r faivorite thing about Australia or Tasmania?

  15. Thanks for comenting on my blog! Where I live in the summer It verry hot like 80-90 fahrenheit.
    In the winter it is pretty cold and some times it snows. By the way I live in Maryland,USA.

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  18. Hi Jess my name is Lana cool website I love the colours green is my favourite colour ever next to black. anyway your website is awesome.

    Melville Intermediate school, room 8, hamilton, waikato, new zealand

  19. I love to write sad stories too! They always are better than Happy stories I enjoy ghost books ad stuff like that too. Though I don’t really care for science or English even though I’m good at them. I feel the same way about water. Out of my brothers and sister I am told that I am the best swimmer! I have always wanted to swim in an Ocean but when i went to the ocean last summer the tide was to high.

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  23. Hi Jess im Virgil I live in the us but i have allwas whonid to go toAustralia
    sorry my spelling is not good 🙁

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