Moving on..

New year.. New Grade.. New Friends.. New teachers.

New years are alright but at the same time you leave behide people you don’t want to leave. This year many things have happened that i would rather didn’t. My best friend moved to melbourne. And now my life is completely changed. Miss you 😀

I also left my friends that are a year younger than me in their grades as where as i moved up one.. But this year has been good as well as bad. I’m loving my classes. Science is one of my favourite subjects now. Everyone else in my class hates it because of how much work we do. But i love it. Now English is my favourite. Very fun!

Have you ever had an experience like this. where you left your friends and moved on without them?

Sorry i haven’t been on in a while been busy and actually forgot about my blog as it used to be just a school thing and now that i don’t have to do it, it completely never crossed my mind.

Well that’s all for now 😀


Christmas is different in many countries, here in Australia its a summer christmas, where as in many other countries have a winter christmas. Having a summer christmas would be much different to a winter one. Often and Aussie christmas has something to do with a BBQ (barbeque) where as sometimes we have a traditional christmas.I love Christmas time and it is very soon.I  think the best bit about  christmas is having family come down to enjoy it with you & when i give my cousins presents there faces light up, and all we do for the rest of the day is play with those new toys we got. I love Christmas. Christmas is a time of joy and only 1 week away. This year i think christmas will be great. We are having cousins come down and going to have the best christmas ever. I got present for many people this year. Tom (cousin) is a really good friend of mine, even though he is my cousin. Christmas eve is so exciting, I barely even go to sleep and after i do go to sleep Tom will wake me up about half an hour later. But the feeling of waking up on christmas morning is awesome, after you get your present you don’t want the day to end and i have a feeling that this will happen again this year.

What is your christmas like? Whats your favourite part?

Original image: ‘back alley christmas
back alley christmas
by: darwin Bell

What I’ve Achieved This Year.

This year I have achieved many things. I have gotten a good report. Which I am very happy about. I have made some good friends this year, Became state winner in a history competition. I have also been to the inter high swimming carnival. I have also achieved in getting an award which I’ll get presented tonight.I think i have done many things this year. This year has been good. I hope next year is as good as this one.

Skype Calling!

On friday we will be calling a canadian class on a programme called skype! I have been visiting the blogs of the chlidren in a class in canada and can’t wait to actually talk to them. Canada is so much different to Australia. I wan’t to learn all i can about Canada  and hope they  learn a little bit about us. For all the people that don’t no, skype is a programme where you can call someone from the computer. My dad likes to use it to call our pop who lives a fair way away from us. It’s  a  good programme to use. I would like to find out about the children from Canada about there season. If  It was Summer(December,January and Feburary) what would the season be there? How different  are their learning systems?   What did the winter Olympics torch look like?   Is it exciting to have the winter Olympics held near you?

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Original image: ‘Old Romanian made phone
Old Romanian made phone
by: Gabriel

Tuesday’s are ancient civilziation time.

Tuesday’s are the day in the week that we work on our presentation for ancient civilizations. My team (Elliot, Skye,Luke and I) are doing it on ancient Greece and it is going very well Ithink. I am doing 3 subjects about ancient Greece which are: slaves,Gods & Goddesses and Food. It is going well but i don’t know if we will be ready for the presentation because  Luke in my team got confused about what heis doing and didn’t really get much work done for the first two weeks. Also i don’t think we will be ready because we haven’t practiced yet and haven’t got the order of presenting, but i think Elliot will be going first with his subject of Olympus, Then Luke with the subject of Spartans after him Skye will be going with her subjects of Games, Vases and Sickness  and then I will be going last with my subjects. As a team we are doing a joint power point with everyone having a subject on it.

Blogging Challenge Week 10

This week is the final week of the blogging challenge and we were asked what we would like to write about next blogging challenge. I think that some good topics are: Free choice, Nature, something a bit more about the enviroment and  an expreience of some sort. I think all those would interest me enough to do this next year. We were also asked to write about some question we would ask to people in different countries that they could then write a post about: I think that asking about the season is good because they’re different all around the world. maybe about illnesses over in other countries and how they handle it. Well that was the last week of the blogging challenge!

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Digital Footprint (challenge for week 8)

_1255933336_322The challenge this week is to talk about ‘Digital footprints’ A digital footprint is like using a avatar or something to represent you. Some peopleuse their actual picture but i don’t think that is very wise. I use and avatar on most the things like edublogs and facebook. and i can be found on both of those sites. I think that teacherds should teach you about internet savvy because they should know how risky putting your picture  up on the internet is. On facebook you can actually save the picture of another person equalling in stolen identies. I think that you should only inculde some of your infomation, i don’t think people should put up their school name or phone number and should have their settings locked with only you being able to know or access them. Are you internet savvy?

Thanks for reading this!


Blogging Challenge week 9

I haven’t been very good with keeping up to blogging challenge so i thought it would be a good chance to do it.

I am going to write about breast cancer. Women every year get breast cancer and yes it is a cure.But did you know not only women get this? in fact men can get breast cancer too!but it is rarer in men. It is a sad thing to get any type of  cancer  there are cures but sometimes you don’t get them. like if you have a cancer that hasn’t got a cure yet. People need money to do research and save others lives! You may know that the breast cancer symbol is a pink ribbon (like the image i put on) And you may also know that there’s a day for it where we wear these ribbons. I did some research about this and found out the how you can actually get it.

  • Personal history of breast cancer: A woman who had breast cancer in one breast has an increased risk of getting cancer in her other breast.
  • Family history: A woman’s risk of breast cancer is higher if her mother, sister, or daughter had breast cancer. The risk is higher if her family member got breast cancer before age 40. Having other relatives with breast cancer (in either her mother’s or father’s family) may also increase a woman’s risk.
  • Race: Breast cancer is diagnosed more often in Caucasian women than Latina, Asian, or African American women.

This is such a good cause because lots of women get it. If you would like to know more about Breast cancer visit the website.

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